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livestream concert with STACK.

livestream concert with STACK

The Wudzdog Festival of the Waldgeister Dornstadt e.V. is a popular and well-attended festival in the Donauries and also far beyond its borders. Due to the current pandemic-related situation, the association has launched the digital event series “Tohuwabohu” in the form of livestreams on YouTube and Facebook. The first of these events took place on 27.2. with the band “Stack” (whose tour we technically support in times outside Corona).

We were commissioned with the implementation of this unique format with a flair between living room and stage.
Together with the company Orange Veranstaltungstechnik, which provided the studio, we set up a digital event whose results were impressive. We reached over 800 viewers on the various platforms and the association decided to continue the format due to the successful baptism of fire and the consistently positive response.

On the technical side, we worked with cameras from Panasonic, Sony and Blackmagic, the control room consisted of consoles from MA Lighting, Allen&Heath and Blackmagic. A special highlight was our completely wireless working gimbal camera, which made exciting shots and camera movements possible despite the limited space. Pictures as well as the recording of the stream can be found below:

Many thanks for the successful and fun collaboration to

All contributors tested negative for Corona before starting work.

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